Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Part of the summary of my Research Development Training evidence...

...As an audience member [of the ASU Writer's Conference 2006], I attended several useful talks of direct relevance to my research. Charles Jensen’s talk on blogging offered a vital resource of poets who already blog, and gave guidance on a) how to start a blog; b) how to streamline a blog to make it functional and interesting for both readers and for the author. This has been of exceptional pedagogical use, not only teaching me how to anticipate my audience as a blogger, but also in terms of thinking about blogging as a networking tool and a space for experimentation as a practitioner. The dialogic nature of my research involves reflexive scrutiny of my own work, and placing it in relation to others / offering it in various stages along with publishing concerns and questions has played a vital role in my ongoing practice and critical writing. I have been able to pass this on in my teaching of the MA Poetic Practice group, requiring them to begin their own blogs and enter into dialogue with other practitioners as well as use their blogs for open, public experimentation.

Charlie obviously has a blog. He also created and single-handedly steers the helm of LOCUSPOINT. He also happens to be a very talented poet and a bit of a dish, making me curse the day I was born a heterosexual. Damn you, lord.


Blogger Helena Handbasket said...

I am assuming you didn't include the bit about you cursing the day you were born a hetero in your research summary. Or did you?

Plus you know it is never too late to change your mind... I would be sad about it, but you can't stop a man from switching teams. I mean I'm told.

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