Friday, May 11, 2007

Goode Poetry, (terrible pun)

A few months ago, Kai and I met up for some lunch and she cheered me up with an mp3 - downloaded from Archive of the Now - of Chris Goode's Introduction to Speed Reading.

(Direct link to mp3)

More mp3s from whence this link came

This is the sort of text I love hearing read live. An introduction to speed listening as well as reading, this slapped me round the face before I had a chance to correctively interpret the previous spiel and spoil it for myself, only to have more more more doing the same. Incredibly, very real pieces of advice scream out:

Once you’ve read the words ‘Mormon’ or ‘gangbang’ once, remember them, and you’ll never have to read them again.

the text is featured in QUID 15, available for download at Barque Press's website


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