Thursday, June 14, 2007

HOW2 Summer 2007 Issue Now Online

That's right. Finally, after months and months, the new issue is up and ready for perusal. The announcement, with a round-up of the main contents, can be found:


EDIT: DUUURRRRR, it might help to supply a direct link to HOW2, what do you think?:

It's been an interesting issue to get off the ground - for Dell, who has given birth and had to deal with the needs of her new little one and still see the issue through. Also for me, working as the webmaster for the journal and also having the opportunity to work with Jena Osman on a Flash setting for a version of her “Public Figures” work. I've also set the ball rolling re submissions here. Readers are encouraged to follow suit and submit photos and words to this collection.

Working with Jena has been great. It's been kind of cool to work on an interpretation of someone else's texts and concepts. This might be something I'd like to write a postcard about at some point.

But, in the meantime, enjoy the issue. There's a wealth of media and resources here - essays, poems, audio and video of readings, PDFs to download (a whole journal within a journal, and a collection of full works). Tons of stuff. Massive. Enjoy.


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