Saturday, November 11, 2006

Old piece, resurrected

I remembered today about an old piece I completed as part of my MA. It's called Paid Love, and experiments with the visual dissection of text in order to foreground its own defacement. This was pretty relevant since the content was taken from sources regarding the objectification, slavery and prostitution of women in eastern Europe. The idea was for the language to become fragmented to an extent which would erase a sure, authoritative voice and replace it with a distorted (literally) uncertain sense of reference.

This isn't the whole piece - I'd like to get that up some time when I have more time, because there are aesthetic variations and combinations of repeated texts, which was crucial in the maintenance of implied consistency throughout the fragmentations (this is a valuable notion which I took from Lyn Hejinian's The Rejection of Closure, [in which Hejinian cites her own Resistance work in terms of its repeated sentence structure underpinning its fragmented content] and I think this can be extended to apply to all forms of poetic artifice).


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