Sunday, October 29, 2006

Toast in the Po(a)st

For a two month period in 1998, myself and my good friend Jerome took a reference from a Stephen Fry novel as inspiration and decided to send someone toast through the post. the criteria were simple:
  • The friend of choice should be close enough to observe, distant enough not to know it was us
  • all toast came with a letter, which got increasingly experimental in nature
  • Toast would be sent on a Sunday, in order to arrive on a Tuesday. Without fail.
  • Toast would be carefully prepared, and would be every bit as important as the letter.
And so, for the next two months, I will be presenting each installment of the letters, delivered to the blog every Tuesday. There is one omission, which was a hand-scrawled note in week 7 or so, telling the recipient "toast it yourself". Enclosed was, instead of the usual toast, two slices of uncooked bread.

Stay tuned for your first piece of Toastal Service through the Poastal Service, oh my bloggers.



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