Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How2 New Issue

I have just uploaded the new issue of How2, and it's a massive, huge, varied and beautiful issue.

I feel I should plug the London section, being as it is coordinated by my supervisor, Redell Olsen, and in particular Frances Kruk and Lydia White, whose work features in this section and whom I taught last year for a short time. Not that my teaching is in any way reflected in the works presented here, which explore respectively (to my eye) a dirty concrete exploration of text through Xerox and degradation, and the combination of musical score, textual score and the tensions / agreements therein. Amazing stuff, and a great issue overall. This is saying something, since it is very easy to lose interest in the content of a web site you are producing, due to its repeated changes and repeated repetitional tautological cyclical repetition. Despite this, I'm still exctied to sit back with beer in hand and actually browse the issue intently.

Give it a whirl. Here's the proper launch info:


Launching a new issue of How2 journal...
Vol. 2 Issue 4

A galactic range of poems, critical reviews and papers... with special features on Pacific poetries, innovation in contemporary Indian writing, ‘outer alphabets’ and London innovation, forums on small press publishing and bookarts, contemporary Chinese poetry in translation and tributes to Barbara Guest

PACIFIC POETRIES + edited by Susan M. Schultz + featuring Tusiata Avia + Pam Brown + Faye Kicknosway + Selina Tusitala Marsh + Deborah Meadows + Meredith Quartermain + Barbara Jane Reyes + Shin Yu Pai + Hazel Smith + Teresia Teaiwa + Zhang Er + and an interview by Jane Sprague with Susan Schultz on ‘Tinfish Press’

INDIAN INNOVATION * edited by Mani Rao * featuring Jane Bhandari * Priya Surukkai Chabria * Sampurna Chattarji * Mamang Dai * Minal Hajratwala + Jam Ismail * Kavita Jindal * Smita Rajan * Mani Rao * Archna Sahni * Rati Saxena * Menka Shivdasani * Arundhathi Subramaniam

OUTER ALPHABETS = edited by Kate Fagan = featuring Jill Magi = Claire Hero = Chris Turnbull = Beth Bretl = Kristi Maxwell = Heather Woods = Marthe Reed = Evelyn Reilly = Mary Kasimor = Britta Kallevang = Arpine Grenier = A. K. Allin = Sascha Akhtar = Mary Michaels = Jennifer Firestone = Cristina Bellodi = Masha Tupitsyn = Megan Jones = Claire Potter = Marie Buck = Ellen Baxt = Jenny Boully = Bronwen Tate = Michelle Detorie = Sarah Vap = Sarah Dowling

LONDON CALLING + edited by Redell Olsen + featuring Rosheen Brennan + Emily Critchley + Kai Fierle-Hedrick + Kristen Kreider + Frances Kruk + Marianne Morris + Sophie Robinson + Lydia White

CONTEMPORARY CHINESE POETRY IN TRANSLATION = edited by Zhang Er and Chen Dongdong = featuring Cao Shuying = Lan Lan = Ma Lan = Tang Danhong = Zhang Er = Zhang Zhen = Zhao Xia = Zhou Za

BOOKARTS FEATURE * curated by Susan Johanknecht * with Sarah Jacobs * Lin Charlston * A C Berkheiser * Sharon Kivland * Heather Weston * Emily Artinian * Anna Trethewey

SMALL PRESS PUBLISHING FORUM = convened by Jane Sprague = Daniel Bouchard = Mary Burger = Allison Cobb = Kristen Gallagher = Jocelyn Saidenberg = Judith Goldman = Rachel Levitsky = Jill Magi = Bill Marsh = Anna Moschovakis = Elizabeth Robinson = Kaia Sand

Plus new work by Linda Mari Walker, Joyelle McSweeney, Ren Powell, Randall Couch

And reviews of Barbara Guest, Kathleen Fraser, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Brenda Iijima, Catherine Daly, Thalia Field, Andrea Baker, Catherine Wagner, Ann Lauterbach, Elizabeth Willis, Lisa Fishman, Pam Rehm & Gertrude Stein

Editor: Kate Fagan (Sydney)
Managing Editor: Redell Olsen (London)
Designer: John Sparrow (Arizona)

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