Friday, July 14, 2006

Turn the e-pages

I've been a bit frustrated by lack of access to a decent printer, and so a piece I had been working on periodically since January has gone pretty slowly and has never really taken shape in a way where I could test it out. It's a piece which draws on and subverts diagrammatical structure to imply associations, hiearchies and relationships across a page which is split down the middle.

With a binding on the outside in mind, the reader would then turn each left and/or right page outwards, revealing a text beneath which interacts with its opposititonal counterpart. Subsequently the work is one in which letters and broken words and phrases sit on their own or contaminate others, occasionally being completed when a certain combination of left and right is made.

Anyway, I suddenly thought the other day that this would work really well in a hypertext setting as well as in print, and in fact, producing an online version is kind of an ideal and economical way of testing out the piece.

I've put the piece as it currently stands on my web site. Your browser windo should automatically resize to accommodate the graphics. You shouldn't need to, but you might need to resize the window... click on each image on the left or right to cycle through that side.

Click image to check it out:


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