Thursday, December 07, 2006

Santa Claus is Making You Frown

In much the same way that a swift kick in the face at least reminds you that you are alive to feel the pain, so too are we greeted with the joy-cum-horror of the forthcoming festive season, with these pictures of children being terrified by Santa Claus.

Currently there are 69 of these beauties up, and some of them expose an advanced degree of insight on the part of the kids, who seem to be able to look beyond the fat, jolly, white-bearded exterior and see directly into the drunken soul:

In all seriousness, there are some excellent "what were they thinking?" examples here, of images terrifying enough for adults, let alone the children who are not old enough to see the funny side of sinister:

What I love about collections like these is that because of their thematic continuity, by image 20 or so, the pictures become increasingly comical for reasons I can't really explain. It's almost like it feels that the pictures have become a challenge for Santas to traumatise children and look! Here's the moment we succeeded!

Hey John, what do you think about Brussel Sprouts this year?


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