Friday, September 29, 2006


Thank you to Alex and Steve for having me at the Openned night on Thursday. It was unnerving yet kind of cool not to be able to hide behind my laptop, despite the fact that most of my newer work requires some kind of interaction with it.

Alas, no cat, pawing the wine list for a fine white Shiraz, or maybe something a bit more special.

I read some of a Perl poem, as yet untitled and unfinished, and 4 sections of a fully page-based work in progress, the maniscript title of which will be Name Calling.

Here's a section from the other night (minus the spacing - thanks, HTML.):

It’s easy to jetcrash

It’s easy to jetcrash
a sleek urban castration
mental filled to bursting — so too is a reasonably sober

flaming government
necessarily anti-gay
dissociably SHIT
feminism on your laptop
she’s fit, fine and voluntarily dressed —
what do you mean you’ve never done time?
Bullying victims allow themselves sympathy fucks

power-system pop-up
spelling vs. cleaning
talking and moving

you fear
of fear
you need the news you fear your children’s money
smacking and the dogs—
we only fight in public
street cancer and
the example skin looked better


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